One of the biggest television mini-series of all time, Herman Wouk’s THE WINDS OF WAR was an almost 15-hour series, shown in seven parts on ABC in February 1983.  It was watched by over 80 million viewers!  Composer Bob Cobert’s theme and score are now classic.  Cobert recorded this album of highlights for Varèse Sarabande back in ’83. Thanks to the new Varèse 500 series we have been able to remaster and repackage the album for the first time since its original release. The release is limited to 500 copies only!

Set against the backdrop of world events that led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, The Winds of War stars Robert Mitchum as Victor “Pug” Henry, a career naval officer who along with his family, learns to navigate the waters of his dangerous times in the late 1930s. While Germany expands and proceeds to seize several border countries, Italy attempts to establish a Fascist Colonial Empire under Mussolini and Japan prepares for a major battle with China. Meanwhile, the Henry clan finds itself drawn into the center of the conflict as they deal with the drama, romance, tragedy and heroism that lead to America’s involvement in World War II.

Track List:

1. Main Title: Love Theme From The Winds Of War (2:23)
2. Nazi Generals Meet With Hitler (2:41)
3. Rosenthal (1:38)
4. Prelude To Pug’s Bombing Mission (2:26)
5. Byron And Natalie (Love Theme From The Winds Of War) (2:57)
6. Through Poland To A Jewish Village (2:44)
7. Refugees On The Road (3:27)
8. Nazis Victorious (The Bombing Of London) (l:13)
9. Rhoda and Kirby (2:35)
10. Byron And Natalie’s Wedding (2:13)
11. Pug At The Russian Front (2:21)
12. Danger! Neutrals At The Train Station (2:05)
13. Pug And Pamela (In Love In London) (2:28)
14. Pearl Harbor / A Day Of Infamy (3:11)
15. Henry Family Theme (2:06)
16. End Title: Love Theme From The Winds Of War (2:23)

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