Welcome to SOUNDTRACK BEAT! The site where you feel the pulse of film music. My name is K.S. (Konstantinos Sotiropoulos) and for over 15 years I am involved in reviewing film scores. During my professional life, I have been identified as a film music expert, film critic with access to press screenings, TV personality and radio producer/presenter.  Since 2005, I have been a member of “The International Film Music Critics Association” (IFMCA), an association that celebrates the best in film music, wherever it may originate. The annual IFMCA Awards stand as the only recognition awarded to composers by film music journalists. The IFMCA comprises over 50 film music critics from around the world. Another facet of my professional life, was my radio show “Stories of the Big Screen” at Program 3 of the official public radio broadcaster of Greece, during 2014-2015. Listen to some of my radio shows. Find me on Facebook.

I find cinema exciting, and its musical accompaniment even more-so, since music serves as a beating heart to the moving images. What would a film without music be? A lifeless thing, a series of dead images full of misery.  A film without music resembles a human body without life: cold, motionless and expressionless. Since the very first moment I have created this site regarding film music, my purpose was to provoke opportunities for acquaintance with the music from the films we see.  Frequently, music affects us on a subconscious level, without being immediately noticed. In contrast, music sometimes can be so remarkable, that attracts our attention from the very first seconds of a movie. I envisioned a serious and professional website accessible to everyone who would be interested in the role of music in cinema and the pleasure one gets from listening to a film soundtrack. Such a site I wanted to visit as a reader. Such a site I finally created. This is how SOUNDTRACK BEAT was realized in the first place. I’m always reminded that music is one of the most important filmic components. You might think that I am exaggerating, but in fact I am not! Music is not just a decorative element in a film. It is part of the cornerstone of its existence. Without music, there is not what we call “cinema”.

In SOUNDTRACK BEAT you will be able to read in between the musical notes, listen behind the melodies and as a result discover the secrets of film music. The score reviews aim to decode the original musical compositions presented in a movie. In particular, films reserve countless musical treasures that are mainly unknown to viewers. Just imagine all the movies released each year, and the numerous different musical worlds out there, waiting for you to discover them. Remember that each film has its own unique musical world. SOUNDTRACK BEAT is here to guide you to experience new musical paths and to showcase the film music in ways you might have not yet realized. The only thing left to do is to leave any prejudice behind and keep your musical horizons open.

Discovering the music of the movies… in SOUNDTRACK BEAT.

“My approach is always to look at a film and think what should this film sound like. If I create a theme or a musical idea or a group of motifs that belong in this film and nowhere else, you here it and it’s part of the film’s voice, then you are not going to associate it with anything else”.
John Williams,
on how to create unique musical identities for films.