La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present the world premiere release of legendary composer Elmer Bernstein’s (THE SHOOTIST, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN) original motion picture score from the classic 1965 western THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER, starring John Wayne and Dean Martin, and directed by Henry Hathaway. Considered one of Bernstein’s finest western scores, THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER finally arrives for the first time on any format as it was originally heard in the film.

Previous soundtrack releases, including our own – paired with THE SHOOTIST, featured the original LP recording and presentation, which is markedly different from the original cues in the actual film. This release finally includes the film version cues, featuring much of the dramatic underscore not heard in the previous assembly. Produced by Dan Goldwasser, restored by Chris Malone, and mastered by Doug Schwartz from mono music stems and mono ¼’’ tapes, this special release features bonus tracks, including source music and alternate cues. Exclusive liner notes from writer Jeff Bond and bullseye art design by Dan Goldwasser round out this must-have release, limited to 1500 units.

Track List:

  1. Prelude 2:14
  2. Hastings Manufactory 2:20
  3. Katie’s Graveside Burial 0:31
  4. John Elder 3:06
  5. Curley Reports 0:36
  6. Rebuked 2:40
  7. Katie’s Rocker 1:09
  8. Visit to Vennar 1:21
  9. Hastings Ranch 2:24
  10. Strange Procession 1:08
  11. Katie’s Bible 1:31
  12. Memories of Katie 2:28
  13. The Showdown 1:12
  14. The Elders Fight 0:59
  15. Trouble Coming 0:35
  16. Sheriff Ambushed 1:10
  17. Driving the Herd 2:56
  18. Real Trouble 2:16
  19. Mary’s Visit 1:32
  20. Off to Laredo/Bridge in Town/Ambush 3:52
  21. Recovering the Rifles 1:51
  22. Matt’s Misfortune 1:33
  23. Return to Town 2:02
  24. Brotherly Love 1:35
  25. Dangerous Quarry 4:59
  26. John Seeks Revenge/The Explosion 3:53
  27. Finale 1:57


  28. Off to Laredo/Bridge in Town (alternate) 2:31
  29. Traditional Mexican Chant (source) 1:54
  30. Guitar Solo No. 1 (source) 1:09
  31. The Sons of Katie Elder (song demo) 2:47
  32. The Sons of Katie Elder (vocal by Ernie Sheldon) 2:35
  33. The Sons of Katie Elder (instrumental) 2:35

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