– What is the rating method in the SOUNDTRACK BEAT reviews?

SOUNDTRACK BEAT is using the most common way of rating, the five star system. In each review you will see two different ratings depending on how you approach a soundtrack: the importance of the music within the film or the standalone hearing, without considering the film. In the first case, focus lies on how well music meets the musical needs of the film, while in the second how nice is a music when someone listens to it in digital form or from a CD for pure pleasure. The ratings in the soundtrack reviews are as follows:

* * * * *

(Masterpiece, classic)

* * * * 1/2


* * * *

(Exciting, probably one of the best of its kind)

* * * 1/2

(Quite good, very interesting)

* * *

(Nice, pleasant, interesting, sometimes leaves mixed impressions)

* * 1/2

(Weak, flirting with mediocrity)

* *

(Disappointing, not worthy of your attention)

* 1/2

(Bad, seriously threatening for your hearing capabilities)


(Unworthy of your time, just stay away)

– If I have not seen a movie but I want to read the soundtrack review, can I do this without fearing the spoilers in the article?

Usually there are no spoilers in the reviews of SOUNDTRACK BEAT. It is very important for SOUNDTRACK BEAT not give away any important aspects of the plot, for the benefit of the cinematic experience of the viewer. If it is necessary to refer to spoilers, there will always be a warning (Spoilers Alert).

– Why is my comment not immediately posted?

Patience is a virtue. Before your comment is posted, it has to be approved by the administrator of SOUNDTRACK BEAT. All comments are examined before posted. So don’t worry if you didn’t see your message posted immediately. Eventually, you will see it soon. For more on this issue, you can read the Terms of Use.