• What is the rating method SOUNDTRACK BEAT follows?

SOUNDTRACK BEAT is using the most common way of rating, the five star system. The ratings represent how well music meets the musical needs of the film and the composer’s approach on the story. Of course, purpose of this site is to promote fine film music, music that actually is worthy of your time and money. The ratings in the soundtrack reviews are as follows:

* * * * *

(Masterpiece, classic)

* * * * 1/2


* * * *

(Exciting, probably one of the best of its kind)

* * * 1/2

(Quite good, very interesting)

* * *

(Nice, pleasant, interesting, sometimes leaves mixed impressions)

* * 1/2
(Weak, flirting with mediocrity)

* *
(Disappointing, not worthy of your attention)

* 1/2
(Bad, seriously threatening for your hearing capabilities)

(Unworthy of your time, just stay away)

  • How SOUNDTRACK BEAT approaches a score review?

The only way to judge how strong or weak is a scoring effort, is by watching the movie first and then analyze the score. Judging by the music only is totally wrong and not the philosophy by which SOUNDTRACK BEAT works, because in this case you mistreat the music. And when you do that, the music takes vengeance on you, by embarrassing you! We have all read such soundtrack reviews where most of what the author writes are totally wrong or out of place. Of course, sometimes watching the movie may not be feasible. If you are not successful on finding the movie, then experience comes as a quite useful tool. But truth is that however experienced you may be on decοding the music, you will always loose aspects or details of the film which are quite important. So, the rule here on SOUNDTRACK BEAT is simple: watch the film and then write the soundtrack review!

  • Do I have a notice when SPOILERS follow on the review I am about to read?

A soundtrack review deepens on the film’s story and its connection with the music, so sometimes it is inevitable not to refer to spoilers. SOUNDTRACK BEAT is very sensitive on spoilers, so whenever there is mention on important aspects of the plot you should not know before watching the movie, there will always be a warning (spoilers alert).

  • Why is my comment not immediately posted?

Patience is a virtue. Before your comment is posted, it has to be approved by the administrator of SOUNDTRACK BEAT. All comments are examined before posted. So don’t worry if you didn’t see your message posted immediately. Eventually, you will see it soon. If you don’t see it at all, then there was something wrong with it. Comments in English are approved only. For more on this issue, you can read the Terms of Use.

  • Why don’t I find pieces of music from youtube attached to SOUNDTRACK BEAT reviews?

A very large part of the music you’ll find on youtube is not legitimate. SOUNDTRACK BEAT and every other serious soundtrack review site can’t tolerate and endorse illegitimate distributed music. Only exception to this rule is when the soundtrack labels themselves upload their releases on youtube!