During John Barry’s 40 years of creating memorable film scores and theme songs, most of these have resulted in soundtrack album releases, with the one notable exception being the 1974 romantic spy thriller The Tamarind Seed. Silva Screen Records is pleased to release The Tamarind Seed, the first official release, in physical and digital formats.

Though an official soundtrack album was apparently never planned, the tracks selected for this release include all the major cues used in the film, together with Wilma Reading’s commercially released single. Included are two different versions of ‘The End’, with lyrics by Don Black and as performed by Danny Street, and different versions of both main and end title themes. Upon the original release LA Times described Barry’s score as “lush” whilst Variety, singled out the quality of the song by predicting “plenty of air and juke-box plays”. Entertainment Focus comments on the effect of the score on the listener as “likely to repeat in your head for days after watching the movie. Barry strongly captures the romantic element of the story, and his melodies are beautifully translated by the orchestra.”

Starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif, this slow burn romantic spy movie takes a different, human angle to tell a complicated story of Cold War and Love. Created by multi-award-winning director Blake Edwards, the Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif romance gently unfolds against a backdrop of Cold War paranoia.

Track List:

01. The Tamarind Seed Main Title
02. Judith Remembers
03. A Drive on the Island
04. Play It Again (Film version) – Vocal by Wilma Reading
05. File 23
06. Defection
07. Airport
08. Plane Swap
09. Interception Attempt
10. The KGB Prepares
11. Napalm Boat
12. Burning Bungalow
13. He’s Alive
14. She’ll Recover
15. The Tamarind Seed End Title
16. The End (Version 1) – Vocal by Danny Street
17. Holiday Source Cue 1
18. Holiday Source Cue 2
19. The Tamarind Seed Main Theme (Alternate version 1)
20. Holiday Source Cue 3
21. The End (Version 2) – Vocal by Danny Street
22. The Tamarind Seed Main Theme (Alternate version 2)
23. Unused Source Music
24. Radio Source Music
25. Embassy Party Source Music
26. Play It Again (Single version) – Vocal by Wilma Reading

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