Music Composed by: Lee Holdridge
Movie Genre: Documentary
Movie Release: 1983
Label: Dragon’s Domain Records

EL PUEBLO DEL SOL (People of the Sun), a 1983 documentary film, captures not only the visual delights of Mexico but also grasps the day-to-day life of a people in a land filled with future promise. In September 1980, the directors of the National Endowment for Social Works presented a proposal to its chairperson, the First Lady of Mexico, Mrs. Carmen Romano de López Portillo. The proposal was to produce the inaugural film for the Tijuana Cultural Center’s Omnitheatre, then in the first stages of construction. Approval was given and shooting on the film started in May, 1981 using the Omnimax format: 70MM for horizontal projection onto a dome screen. This format is commonly known today as IMAX dome.

Upon completion of the film, the producers chose to commission an original score. Producer Ricardo Sanchez Guadarrama approached Lee Holdridge to score the film in the fall of 1981. Upon first seeing EL PUEBLO DEL SOL, Holdridge felt that the score should be approached as a dramatic symphonic tone poem for the orchestra that would capture the natural beauty, history and traditions of Mexico.

Previously released on compact disc by Bay Cities Records in the early 1990s and now very scarce, Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring EL PUEBLO DEL SOL back into the marketplace, newly remastered by Digital Outland under the composer’s supervision. EL PUEBLO DEL SOL can still be viewed today in select IMAX theatres that feature dome screens. EL PUEBLO DEL SOL is a limited edition release of 1000 units.

Lee Holdridge has scored numerous films such as THE BEASTMASTER, SPLASH, BIG BUSINESS, MR. MOM, MICKI & MAUDE, 16 DAYS OF GLORY, SYLVESTER, A TIGER’S TALE, OLD GRINGO, PASTIME and BROTHERS AT WAR. His television work include MOONLIGHTING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the complete eight hour remake of EAST OF EDEN, THE TENTH MAN, DREAMER OF OZ, Hallmark Hall Of Fame’s ONE AGAINST THE WIND and THE STORY LADY. Lee also began a very successful collaboration with Moriah Films, the film division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, with the Academy Award winning documentary feature film THE LONG WAY HOME. In addition to his film career, Mr. Holdridge has had an extensive repertoire of concert works performed and recorded. He has also worked with many major recording artists having written, arranged and conducted for Placido Domingo, Barbra Streisand, Brian May of Queen, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Neil Sedaka, Daniel Rodriguez, Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Jane Oliver and many others.

Track List:

1. Fiesta Del Sol (Festival of the Sun) (3:56)
2. Latir de Progresso
(Pulse of Progress) (1:11)
3. Paisajes (Landscapes) (6:54)
• Haciendas
• Naturaleza (Nature)
• Industria (Industry)
4. Culturas Antiguas (Ancient Cultures) (2:58)
5. Mosaico Turístico (Mosaic of Tourism) (3:49)
6. Sueños (Dreams) (1:47)
7. Interludio (Interlude) (1:37)
8. Orígines (Origins) (6:33)
9. Estampas Históricas
(Historic Moments) (2:41)
• La Independencia (Independence)
• Intervenciones Extranjeras
(Foreign Interventions)
• El Porfiriato – Vals (The Era of Porfirio – Waltz)
10. La Gran Tenochtitlan (3:29) (Includes excerpts of “Huapango”
by José Pablo Moncayo)
11. Cuadro Final (Final Scene) (7:23)
• Cielos Misteriosos (Mysterious Skies)
• Serenata Nostálgica (Nostalgic Serenade)
• Allegro Vigoroso (Vigorous Allegro)
• Fiesta Del Sol

Total Time: 40:00

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