Music Composed by: Michael Giacchino
Type of Movie: Comedy, Adventure
Year of Movie Release: 2005
Label: Intrada Records

Rousing early-ish Michael Giacchino score from popular Disney action/fantasy finally available at last! 2005 super-hero tale features Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston with Mike Mitchell directing, Michael Giacchino scoring, Walt Disney Pictures presenting. Will Stronghold, son of legendary crime fighters Commander and Jetstream, has no particular superpowers of his own. Or does he? Time to enter Sky High, the high-tech school for young heroes-to-be and find out. Action takes front and center throughout with Giacchino flying into the excitement right alongside.

His score launches in requisite super-hero manner but rhythmic activity adds unusual cadences courtesy orchestral hits just out of kilter with expected harmonic vernacular. Neat idea! Unrelenting musical action sequences offer busy, tour-de-force fanfares and flourishes that propel music forward. There is brief respite: “Lollipopless/The Secret Sanctum” adds series of moving major chords and elements of mystery while “Power Placement” brings in teen-pop sensibility. But dynamic big orchestral razzle dazzle clearly is the name of the game! The action includes elements of serious intensity but solid, tuneful main theme keeps everything in super-hero territory. Brass get a workout!

Giacchino began career with plethora of game scores, television music, then landed plumb Disney assignment to score The Incredibles in 2004. Just one year later, Sky High helped his career truly soar. He hasn’t looked back since and is today one of the leading film composers in the entire film industry: Star Trek, Jurassic World, Star Wars are just three of the major franchises he now inhabits. He took home an Academy Award for his nostalgic and tuneful score for Disney-Pixar’s animated hit, Up. More awards are sure to follow. Sky High presented in stereo from two-track digital scoring session elements courtesy Disney and the composer. Tim Grieving provides informative notes, Kay Marshall designs the colorful flipper-style booklet. Tim Simonec, Jack Hayes lead orchestration team, Tim Simonec conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

Track List: 

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01. Sky High Opening (4:48)
02. Trouble Downtown (0:46)
03. Next Stop… Sky High (1:35)
04. Round-Up (0:36)
05. Welcome To Sky High (1:11)
06. Power Placement (Brandon Christy/Michael Giacchino) (2:31)
07. Still Looking/Stare Down (0:28)
08. Lollipopless/The Secret Sanctum (3:55)
09. Medulla All Blown-Uppa/I’m A Sidekick (1:41)
10. Vat’s An Idea!/Respect The Hat (1:14)
11. Cafeteria Brawl/Proud Papa (3:34)
12. Movin’ On Up (0:34)
13. A Friendly Wave (0:33)
14. Sidekicked Out (0:52)
15. Save The Citizen (Michael Giacchino/Kevin Riepl/Chris Tilton) And Private Tutor (4:04)
16. Kiss Of Death (0:56)
17. Homecoming News/Makeout Sanctum (1:28)
18. Keeping Promises (0:42)
19. She’s Totally Into You (0:37)
20. Gotta Get To Sky High (1:23)
21. Pacified (3:41)
22. Fighting Back (1:24)
23. Royal Pain Is Monologuing (4:38)
24. That Could’ve Been Messy (3:03)
25. You Saved Sky High (1:14)
26. Sky High End Credits (2:02)
Total Time: 49:50

The Extras (Additional Cues)
27. Bus Away (0:10)
28. Power Placement – Coda (Brandon Christy/Michael Giacchino)* (0:08)
29. Starting With You (0:10)
30. A Friendly Wave (Alternate Take)* (0:32)
Extras Time: 1:04

*Not Featured in Film

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